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Hey, I was recently speaking with someone and I wanted to share this story because a great lesson was coming out of it. She told me that she felt stuck right now in her life because there were no work opportunities that she could find for herself and she doesn’t have enough savings to retire. She said that her age was a major obstacle and she felt that she had a big gap in her working years as well, so she felt that her self-esteem was shot and she doesn’t know what to do. Today. I’m going to share with you my three step formula that I used as a career coach to serve my clients who are looking for a career that they loved with a salary that they desired. My name is Lisa Frumin. I’m a money manifestation and mindset coach who helps people who feel broke to exit the cycle and instead feel financially free to say, I can pay for that.

If you haven’t joined me already, join me on Instagram. My Instagram handle is at Lisa Frumin at L. I. S. a. F. R. U. M. I. N. I share new content there in new ways that could give you a great perspective that you may not have heard before. So join me at Lisa Freeman. Okay? Yes. Awesome. So first and foremost, it’s important in whatever situation you’re in career-wise to stop focusing on the evidence that is not working out for you. So for instance, if you’re telling yourself you’ve been out of work for a long time, if you tell yourself that you are too old, if you are telling yourself you’re too young, if you’re telling yourself that you don’t have a college degree or that you don’t have a skill set worth having or you’re not going to get paid what you deserve to get paid, all of those things are edited ads. All of those things are evidence and your mindset will, as a result of that evidence stop you in your tracks and keep you from taking committed action because all you’re doing is focusing on those obstacles.

Would you take action? Honestly, if you think about it, if you are telling yourself all of those things, I know I wouldn’t. So I’m telling you now it’s time to look at that stuff and say goodbye to the evidence. And then take step one, remind yourself of who you are as a professional. Write down a list of the skills that you do have that are incredibly valuable to an employer. Write down what you want to be working on and how you can be in service in that field. So you start by creating a new set of evidence, essentially. Okay? From there you want to take step two. You want to commit yourself in your mindset practice every single morning to saying out loud to yourself the vision of the job that you desire to have with the salary you desire to have, that you’re creating for yourself right now.

And you do not stop this mindset practice. You do it every single morning for say 15 minutes until you get the job that you desire. Do it every single morning. That’s step two. And then step three, build your resume, rework it, and then start networking with people. Start networking with people and start finding out who in your circles can help you get a job that you desire. Don’t stop networking and passing out your resume until you land the job that you desire. I landed every single one of my jobs no matter where I was in my career within three months because I took this committed action. I took these three steps, this system, and I took them seriously and I trusted in myself that I could do this. So you must first and foremost create that faith within yourself. That is what steps one and two or four. And then you take committed action from there.

So you apply these three steps with persistent action. The nothing can stop you. I promise you, nothing can stop you. You can do this within three months when you get super committed and you trust in your journey. So to recap them, okay, in order to have a career that you truly desire, with a salary that you really want, you must take the next three steps sequentially. One, you write down the career you want and the skills that you have to provide value for it. Write it down. How to vision. Step two, cultivate deep faith through persistent morning practice, a persistent practice where you’re setting up your mindset every single morning. Step three, take committed action to finding the career you desire. This means working on your resume and networking with people you can help, who can help you find the career that you love. Okay, with the salary that you truly desire. It’s not about hear me here. It’s not about applying to as many jobs as possible. It’s about this networking. So that’s your committed action. So let’s create your financial freedom and beyond.